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I’m Ian, the boys call me Molby. I’m married with 2 kids and 2 pet pugs. I’m 36 and my great grandfather was Indian!


I’m possibly 1 of the few ginger Indians in existence! I like playing golf socially, going to the gym and investing in property.


My favourite curries are mild/medium in spice with plenty of flavours ranging from onions, peppers, tomatoes, herbs and nuts. If that sounds familiar, follow my reviews here.



I'm Jeremy. I'm 42 and love Adidas trainers. I enjoy mountain biking, walking my Springer spaniel, going for a beer and generally socialising with my friends.


I have a varied taste when it comes to Indian cuisine. Usually opt for medium to hot dishes. Also, will go for all meats. Enjoy spinach dishes too. Follow my reviews.



I’m Glenn and I’m 42 and the youngest in the group! I have 2 young sons and a wife I’ve been with for 200 years plus.


I’m a huge all-round sports fan and played a lot of sports most of my life. Football is my first passion though. I run a small business and am definitely motivated by helping and supporting people in to work.


I have a huge passion for customer service and making people feel valued. I love supporting local businesses and so I guess my love for a curry helps make a great combination when being part of The Ruby Murray Club. My curry of choice would be along the Rezal line which rich and medium/hot.



Hi, I'm Giles, the boys call me Brad. I’m engaged to my partner Sarah. We have 2 children Joseph and Eira. I’m 43 and a passionate curry eater.


My current record is 11 vindaloo pathia curries in 10 days. I love golf, snooker and fit tips for most of the professional players including 3 times world champion Mark Williams and Ryan Day. I'm also a ambassador for legends cue tips. My favourite curry is pathia spiced up to vindaloo-phal strength with plenty of flavours, although, if I see a hot dish on the chef's specials I could be tempted. Follow my reviews here.



I'm Ian the boys call me Ron. I'm 45 married with two boys and a girl (that's my dog Willow) I love any activity that gets the adrenaline pumping! Mountain biking, Enduro riding and skiing to name a few.

I’m always drawn to hot curries, the hotter the better but must be flavoursome. Ideally chicken chunky peppers and onions plus plenty of coriander. Not a fan of Lamb dishes but will pretty much give anything a go. Follow my reviews.



Hi, I'm Chris, the boys call me Ronnie or Tree! I’m 38 and I’ve got 3 boys who are a bit lively and keep me on my toes.

For work I run a management consulting business which has taken me all over the world, including India 5 times.


For pleasure I love most sports notably football and rugby but am also very passionate about horse racing and own a few, and of course eating curry! My go to curry is a chicken tikka jalfrezi although I love trying a chef’s special dish that I’ve not seen before.